Thursday, July 24, 2008

Εγώ θέλω ψαραδάκι... (I do want a fish salesman)...

  • Fish salesmen in Athens, 30's
    Photo: from the book ΔΟΥΛΕΙΕΣ ΤΟΥ ΠΟΔΑΡΙΟΥ... , ΝΙΚΟΥ ΜΟΛΟΧΑ, έκδοση του περιοδικού "συλλογές", Aθήνα 1985

    I DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY (P. Tounda), vocal: Roza Eskenazi

    I don't want your money, stop loving me.
    I don't want you, I've told you several times, you're a rich mangas*1.

    I'm longing for a fish salesman in the market with a pair of scales2* and a teziaki*3.
    When I love such a fine, handsome and brave man, how can I refuse him?
    Cheers to fish sailsmen

    I don't want your houses, your welfare and your comforts,
    you can't convince me with your tricks, you're a rich mangas

    Cheers to manges

    *1 mangas , see post Saturday, April, 12, 2008
    *2 pair of scales, old type of balance (weight) like the one you see at the photo
    *3 teziaki, a small cupboard with a drawer where they put the change