Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some words before I wellcome you...

from the left: G. Batis, S. Keromytis,
Stratos Payioutzis, Markos Vamvakaris

This blog follows a different path to approach the Greek "subculture" music called "rebetiko". This music is, in a way, equivalent to tango, fado, flamenco, blues. It is the most sincere music ever composed in Greece. It reached its culmination during the 30΄s and it has been faught in all ways from the "establishment".

" is not only songs played by bouzouki, as most of the people believe. There is a big era, containing thousands of songs created by tremendously talented Greek composers and musicians who were forced to leave their life in Asia Minor and come to Greece as refugees, after a stupid war (1922) against Turkey. Their music is the backbone and the spinal cord of rebetiko but it was forbidden and struggled in 1937.

You, who need to see behind the tourist facade and look for the unexpected in a world tending to look the same all over, let me give you a red thread, as Ariadne did with Theseus when he got into the Labyrinth, and lead you to a fascinating and unknown world.