Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've found a garden...

Such a life without you
I'd rather not live it,
my sweetheart,
I'd rather die

from the "Piraeus girl" (1930, Panos Toundas) by Kostas Nouros.

I believe that every human being would like to be in a certain place after its death. One here, one there... In beloved and peacefull places, together with souls which were important and one can lean its head on their shoulders.
I was thinking, where could I place Kostas Nouros ( if it was up to me to decide, and I found a place. I've found a garden with jasmines which enlights the nights. I've found a garden on the back side of a house in Smyrna, the old Smyrna. I've reised up walls around so that he cannot be seen and bothered. The walls will not be too high so that the sea breeze will come in. Then, I went secretely to an old house, in Greece, where Giannis Dragatsis (Ogdontakis) died. I've taken his violin which he had put on a wardrobe when he got his pension and the days of music were finished for him. I've taken the old friend Ogdontakis besides Nouros. Ogdontakis who played the violin for him in that unique way, while angels were coming out through Nouros' mouth. I've placed both of them in the night garden with a Smyrnaic full moon sprinkling silver powder on them. I've left them there. They are talking about the old times, they are laughing and remind songs to each other.
Let us leave them there forever, those two passionated human beings under an eternal full moon. Let the sounds of their playing and singing be transformed into red spin yarns and let them spread out over the sleeping city. Let them come in through the windows blinds and caress the sleeping girls' bodies and ears. The young lilly looking girls who does not exist anymore, but they existed and carried dreams that went loss. Dreams which were burned in imbecile hecatombs of those who imagined that they could reraise the... Byzantine Empire. The foolish, the empty-headed ones...

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