Saturday, April 12, 2008

About manges...

In this post I`m using the word mangas as follows:
mangas, mangissa = already explained (see "What is mangas" (1)
mangià = already explained (the same as above)
arkoudomangas (arkouda = bear) = tough, heavy, rigid and dangerous mangas
mangiki language (mangiki glossa) = the special language of manges
mangikos way(mangikos tropos) = the way a mangas behaves
mangika (or mortika) songs = typical songs which mangià considered to be songs of their own.
"clever"(exypnos) adj. used by manges when they wanted to express a proper, intelligent and right way to behave. "Clever songs" were those who had en interesting content, they were well played, had something unusual, unforseen and differnt from the usual. Vangelis Papazoglou songs, for example, were "clever" songs.

History, manners and fashion go in circles.

Mangia`s cloathing style, their way of talking, walking and acting was a kind of "fachion". I`m aware that I`m simplyfing. It was something much deeper and serious but, remember, it was a phenomenon among young men, during a difficult and complicated period, economically and socially. It was a kind of defying and an opposition against a "status quo" which seemed ridiculous in their eyes. But, at the same time, it was a reaction against a world, the "others" who did not allow the outsiders to get in. When we feel that it is very usual that we build an alternative world which we glorify , instead of being desparate...
Look at the photo. Isn't so that the young people wearing buggy jeans believe that their clothes are tough and provocative?...

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