Monday, April 7, 2008

Complementary to Anonymous... (2)

Your answer to "Hi Anonymous!" (see below) was...

"...And of course I agree, man and woman are different from each other, thank God. I also wonder about something else you talk about. You say that mangas don´t want to harm anybody and hold a low profile. Self-respect, self-control. And then you talk about the self-wounding as an magnificent attitude (not so normal among the women). I understand we are talking about a historical type of personality here, but the admiration of this concept may still be a reality. To me self-wounding is hurting your next, it is an act of violence that hurts the other, even though he himself is not beaten. How does this go together? Is it some sort of stoic thinking in the bottom? Or does it have to do with pride and desperation? Within the mangas culture it seems to be an accepted way of resolving conflicts and contradictions with the outside and the inside.

My answer

Completely missunderstood! By saying self-wounding (is it wrong in English?) I mean that somebody hurts himself instead of harming somebody else. That is why I call it magnificent. It declares distance from violence towards another person, it declares dignity and self-respect. At the same time it reveals a certain incapacity to controll the black waters of anger coming within oneself. Women do not do it. It does not have to do with their tradition. Am I clear?

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