Saturday, April 12, 2008

Manges (4)

As for the men,
Vangelis Papazoglou speaks like a serious mangas in his short dialogue with Stellakis Perpiniadis in the song "The voice of narghilè". I`m sure he was not exaggerating.

I believe that Dalgas was also a serious mangas, Zacharias Kasimatis, Kostas Karipis, K. Skarvelis (we listen to his voice in Vamvakaris song "Otan me vlepeis kai perno"- Rembetika in PIRAEUS, Volume II, 1933-1937, song 3) saying "Yià sou Marko dervisi me tis peniès sou tis èxypnes", K. Tzovenos, Markos, Keromytis, Stratos, Batis of course and so many others.

Sotiris Gavalas was also a typical mangas. When he says "Arpa tin, Memeti" in the song "In the Bezestèni Yard" (Στου Μπεζεστένη την αυλή") CD MORTIKA, song 17, he is not acting. He is himself.
When Kostis is saying "Arpa tin" (Get it! - meaning, get the stab(with a knife) in one of his songs, he's pretending. He did not belong to mangia. He was just a clever and capable musician, singer and guitar player (if it is him playing the guitar in all his songs) .

G. Papaioannou was an original mangas. He was not pretending to be. You can easily recognize it in his voice. When he played live and the customers were talking loudly, he used to say with a heavy mangiki voice: "Βe quiet! We have here somebody who's sick"(...)

Vasilis Tsitsanis lived (at least mentally) in the outer borders of mangia, though he knew perfectly all the roles and rules. He was not needed to play or be a mangas. He was just Vasilis Tsitsanis, a country boy and he continued like that up to his end.

Michalis Genitsaris was en "arkoudomangas". He was tough but logical with an original mangas "ideology". He did not like troubles, though he got involved in a lot and found no reasons not to take the law in his hands, when needed. The way he talked did not remind of manges though he really was.

Bayianderas was a real mangas! Today's "experts" have an arrogant attitude towards him considering that he mostly was a romantic serenader. It's funny and tragic. Bayianderas joined the whole thing from the very beginning of Riraeus period. He was brave and serious. I totally trust everything he has said. His "romantic" songs were simply a clever choise he did after listening to Faltaitz's advices. His mangika songs are perfect, "clever" and have a fantastic rythm, different from all the others...