Thursday, April 10, 2008

3. Markos as a market value...

If we see Markos through a modern marketing concept we can say that he fulfils all necessary demands. He is, first of all, very simple. His melodies are easy to learn, the verses easy to put in mind and, it is simple for a beginner to play his songs. On another level there is much more than that. He is sincere, he mostly narrates his turbulent life and that mobilizes feelings of sympathy and compassion. Markos is a proper idol for the young people who are angry against the establishment, in a general meaning. He is a typical male, he loved women, he described what they did to him, he smoked hash. He was beloved when he played his bouzouki and sung about typical love troubles with women. Another important factor is his rough voice. It is quite easy and a signal of toughness from a young man´s side to imitate his voice. To imitate Markos voice you do not need any wide vocal capacity. In other words, Markos songs have everything needed instead of saling well.

Markos and Tsitsanis were two important composers who, by working out the prior Mikrasiatiko musical tradition and filtrating it through their strong personality, gave something new.

Ending this post I would like to point out something which, I believe, is quite important. The "recycling" of the same and same details, the TV and Radio -programmes who present exactly the same topics, always seen from the same angle, cause damage to rebetiko´s reputation. The "others", those who know nothing or just a little about this magic music, are getting bored and get furthermore reservations and bloody fool negative atittudes. Am I wrong?

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