Friday, February 19, 2010


What women caused Markos Vamvakaris..

I´m publishing a list of troubles which Markos Vamvakaris got through in his adventures with women... All this is taken from his own song lyrics.
  1. they cut him into pieces
  2. they were spitfull
  3. he spended in vain his youth for them
  4. they made known what they did to him
  5. they hurted him
  6. they made him wonder like if he was crazy
  7. they burned him deeply in his heart
  8. they grew him weak and sicky
  9. they runned away
  10. they crashed him
  11. they "poisoned" him with sorrows
  12. they drove him mad
  13. they opressed him
  14. they smashed his body
  15. they broke his heart
  16. they tormented him
and much more...
Ask anybody the following question: "what is rebetiko´s atittude towards women?" I bet you get the following answer from anybody: "rebetiko praised women in hymns; rebetiko loved women excessively"...

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