Saturday, May 24, 2008

(Βut) my position is "tragic"...

from Paul McCartney's song "Honey Pie"

Writing about rebetiko, in the way I do, is like murdering your time. It is like believing that you can meet a giraffe in your bathroom or a rhinoceros under your pillow. People looking into blogs are mostly young and focusing on other things. What makes things worse is that I mostly write about Mikrasiatiko. This era is more or less "unknown" though I believe that in time will be more and more discovered. Drawing parallels between the 30's and our time is also considered to be peculiar. I presume that it makes young people irritated, because they cannot still understand. Others who are more open to such but not interested of rebetiko, are getting frustrated so, "my position is tragic"...

The whole thing reminds me of a short and very advanced TV-advertisement for the Swedish cars SAAB.
We see a theater stage exactly the moment when the red curtains are drawn. We hear somebody applauding. The camera turns and we see only one human being, a young man dressed in tails, standing and showing his appreciation for the play. The scen is getting freezed and the slogan is, "SAAb has a few clients but very special ones..."

Ending this post, I wonder why I'm writing it... Am I claiming that there is no communication? No! I believe that we're getting borned alone and we're dying alone. Notning tragic in that but we are alone even when we commit suicide together with the one we love, as the couple Coestler(Arthur Coestler) did when they decided to die together holding each others hands in a hotell room.
On the other hand I have accepted J.L. Baudrillard's words "Why do we need to talk when we can communicate?"... And further on, en insect flying over a flower, does not need any special "communication, it just takes care of itself. The same thing do two zebras in love,when they run parallelly among thousands of others.Then, there is no special reason to be anxious, worrying, sad.
Today it is the 25th of March, it is a sunny Sunday, the sun came upp at 05:08 and will go down at 19:37. I'm pleased and happy by "οράν φάος ηελίειο" (Homeric language meaning, being able to see the sunlight, in other words, to be alive...

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