Monday, August 18, 2008

Just listen to that!

No matter if you don't like the kind of music I'm writing about, but you still visit this blog, or if you just like the Piraeus bouzouki rebetiko, I give you 3 demonic examples of Mikrasiatiko* songs, in case they would touch you...



Both are Spyros Peristeris compositions ( )
(Please help: is there anybody who can tell me how I can change such long codes to just "here";)

3. (G. Dragatsis "Ogdontakis")

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Mona said...

Just discovering the world of rebetiko so thanx/ as for the linking saying 'here' in your blogger dashboard there is a green icon that says link when you go on it. Go to tthe file or whatever you want to post and copy the link.
Select the text that you want to hyperlink in your post ie 'here' and press that green icon. a box will come up BUT YOU MUST FIRST DELETE THE http:// that comes up in iy and then paste your link in there which will have http//: already as part of it. Hope you understand this, once you get it right once it's very easy. Took me a while to realise that I had to clear that box that comes up!!