Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The sinnful (Η αμαρτωλή)

I've always believed that rebetiko songs (thorax's songs) are, in different ways, sincere confessions of, not only deep love but mainly, masculine weakness...

I give you here a simple and melancholic example of Stavros Kaloumenos (whom we know nothing more than that he lived in the States and recorded there), undet the title "The sinnful".

Here is the text:

I don't want to go to Paradise when I'll die
'cause I know I won't find you there
and then, what Am I going to do?

I'd like to go to Hell, I'm asking for this favour,
'cause I'm going to meet you there, you sinnful, I know it


Because you never showed some mercy, during your life,
do a good deed and love me just a bit


You sinnful, you're going to burn and melt in Hell's fire.
It's no use, you cruel, if you regret.
I don't care if I melt together with you in Hell
and being with the devils, if I only can see you.

Together with the deads and the devils,
there won't be any difference,
'cause even during my life I was together with a devil, poor me.

Yia sou Stavro!

Here is the song. Enjoy it!

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